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TEKOA ERP Mobile Warehouse Management System | WMS

Increase Accuracy and Inventory Controls with Mobile Inventory Management

By: Tekoa Software

Product inventory represents one of the largest investments for a Distribution or Manufacturing business.  TEKOA ERP Mobile Warehouse Management helps you increase the accuracy and efficiency of inventory quantities so you can increase the control of inventory procedures and better manage inventory values.

Here are some of the advanced features of TEKOA ERP Mobile Warehouse.

Mobile WMS Software

Mobile Inventory Item Inquiry

Designed for quick access to product information, the Item Inquiry function gives mobile users the ability to scan or enter inventory Item Codes and see essential information related to the product. 

Helpful for warehouse staff, but also good for mobile salespersons when they need to know the real time availability of product in your warehouse.

Quickly and easily lookup Inventory Items to view the Quantity On Hand, Quantity Available and Standard Price.  Click through the tabs to also view Quantity in each warehouse and see the Items individual reorder parameters.   

Mobile Customer Inquiry

Ideal for users that need to see essential Customer information on the go, Mobile Customer Inquiry allows users to scan Customer Account Codes, or lookup customers by name and view information about the Customer's account.

The information displayed includes, address, phone and personal Contact info.  In addition documents can be viewed.

Review Customer notes and stay up to date on current Customer status with the ability to see the Customer's Open Invoice Balance.
Mobile WMS Software
Mobile WMS Software

Mobile Sales Order Picking

Product Picking has two different modes.  First, the Smart Guided Picking process knows which Sales Items are available and walks a mobile user through the items and fulfills the quantity ordered. 

The second method allows the picking mobile user to select or scan Sales Order Items and enter the quantity picked.

Both methods include the ability for the mobile user to easily inform administrators of problems like quantity discrepancies or other issues with just the click of a button.

Picked product is then automatically staged for shipping.

Mobile Receiving

Designed for quick and easy input, TEKOA Mobile Receiving allows mobile users to scan in items received and enter the appropriate quantity.  Tekoa automatically validates the scan to let the user know if the code scanned is recognized after comparing the entry against product identity aliases. 

Mobile users can view and edit in process receipts and a running total of total quantity received is clearly visible for easy visual validation. 
Mobile WMS Software

Mobile WMS Software

Mobile Physical Count

Inventory Physical Count Entry is also optimized for rapid data entry when the mobile user scans a product bar code and enters a physical count quantity.  Scanned product codes are then validated against known item aliases and visual confirmation is provided to the user.

Physical Count entries are collected in groups by warehouse where count entries can be maintained by managers and posted once the entire physical count is completed.

Mobile Manufacture Operation Entry

TEKOA Mobile makes it fast and simple to track production costs by allowing mobile users to scan production step operation codes from a Production Ticket or Traveler document.

Using the Production Route established for the Finished Good, TEKOA Mobile automatically processes one, or multiple cascading production steps recording production costs - with just ONE scan required by the production mobile user.

Intended for fast and easy data entry, processing production costs can't get any easier.

Mobile WMS Software

Mobile WMS Software

Mobile Point of Sale

One of the most powerful features of TEKOA Mobile is the Point of Sale Entry function.

Using TEKOA Mobile POS, users have the ability to:
  • Create New Invoices
  • Enter Charges and Credits for Product
  • Mobile Print Receipts and Pick Sheets
  • Take Payment or apply Payment Terms
  • Capture Customer Signatures
  • Automatically send Receipt Emails

TEKOA ERP is mobile optimized, which means it is built with mobile technology in mind and works on mobile devices, phones, tablets as well as computers.  That said, the above listed functions are specifically designed for use in Inventory Warehouse Management and incorporate the use of bar code scanning and rapid data entry.

For more information about TEKOA Mobile Warehouse Management, visit us online at


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