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Sage ERP 100 MAS Production

Sage ERP 100 MAS90 MAS200 Easy Manufacturing and Make to Order
By: Allan Snodgrass
It is not uncommon to come across a Sage 100 manufacturing enterprise that would like to add some functionailty to tracking production quantities without having to employ the whole Work Order Processing module. 

Here are some insights into how Sage ERP 100 MAS users can use Purchase Orders to track Bill of Materials Production.

Bill of Materials Production Entry in Sage 100 allows users to turn raw materials into finished goods with a simple and straight forward process.  Enter in a finished good bill, post the transaction and the component items are removed from inventory and the finished good receipted into inventory.  Simple and easy.

The problem lies in that it can then be difficult to track and schedule production of the finished goods inside MAS itself.  Often times spreadsheets or manual lists are used to calculate the production needed and then to track how many finished goods are required to me…