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ERP Business Process Management

The Essentials of Business Process Management and Your ERP
By:  Jesse Salzwedel

While running a business, there are several objectives an owner needs to do while attempting to gain a profit. One of the most important things is being able to multitask and supervise at all ends of the spectrum. Whether that be sales, marketing, or communications, it is crucial that an owner is aware of his company at all times.

However, one section tends to get looked over, and because of this, problems often occur. Business process management (BPM) is a section that each company should be improving on a day-to day basis. This section is responsible for defining a company's problems, and creating ways to get rid of these complications.

There are a number of business process problems that occur in today's world, and it seems that although companies grow more aware of them, they don't do much to stop them. The following paragraphs will list some of the problems that modern businesses face:

Lack …

Achieve Business Growth with Wise ERP Management

Business Growth with Wise ERP ManagementBy: IanWanamaker

The best problem you can have in business is that your company is getting big, bigger than you ever imagined, too big maybe. This is the "problem" that Goldbelt Incorporated is currently facing. For the last two summers I have worked as an intern with Goldbelt, most recently in the accounting department, Goldbelt is a regional Alaska Native Corporation formed under ANCSA (the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act). Goldbelt made it's start as a corporation in 1971when the federal government issued them a chunk of land, a lump sum of cash, and many shareholders. From those humble beginnings Goldbelt has grown into an international Corporation based in Alaska but with headquarters in Virgina, and subsidiaries around the U.S and some in South America.

The reason it is an "issue" that Goldbelt has gotten so large is that a serious overhaul is needed to get all of their subsidiaries to localize and centralize t…

Tips and Tricks for Resolving ERP Business Process Problems

Tips and Tricks for Resolving ERP Business Process ProblemsBy: SoonKyoo Kwon

Numerous enterprises today suffer from many different business process problems. These problems can be very damaging since they may result in inefficiency, and possibly in loss of some data.

Business Process Problems - "The Frustrating Five"David Roe, Covers Document Management, Enterprise CMS, GRC, listed 5 main business process problems (issues) and named them "The Frustrating Five." In this blog, I am going to discuss 4 of the 5 major problems that Roe mentions.

Bottlenecks"Information bottlenecks are still common and result from a lack of consideration of the value of particular information, or content, and its relevancy in the business process." (Roe, 20 II) When enterprises have too many variables in a process, the process tends to have poor quality.  As a result, error rates will increase, and customers will experience confusion.

The Paper Trail "Many enterprises still …