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How Does Being a Team Player Impact Your Workplace?

☝How Does Being a Team Player Impact Your Workplace?☝
By: Zayne Hamilton
Most all bosses in today’s market are interested in what their employees can do for their company, and not so much what their company can do for their employees. As harsh as that may seem, coming to this realization is crucial to moving forward in your career. For this article, I have compiled a couple of tips for you to be the most effective at your workplace.
☝Step Up☝
Meeting unassigned needs is a great way to show your boss that you have the company’s interests in mind. Get some coworkers around you who all want to do well at what they do. When you are surrounding yourself with people who really couldn’t care less, or worse, when you can’t care less about the company, you are labeling yourself as someone who could be fired at no great expense. You have the job that you have because your employer decided that you could help with the goal that he was trying to achieve. Being lazy and doing the bare minimum of what …

What Sets You Apart at Work?

What Sets You Apart at Work?
By: Zayne Hamilton
Employers are looking for fresh ideas these days. Bringing some to the table can be a big part of being a team member. So what’s the trouble? Other people have good ideas too! So what can you do to set yourself apart at work and in the eyes of your boss?
1.Be Smart with Your Time
Nothing is more annoying than walking out of your office and seeing your employees not really doing anything. So many instead of playing another round of cupboard basketball, sit down with your coworkers and tackle that plan that you’re all afraid to make.
2.Don’t Be Afraid to Fail
What? Isn’t success the main part of being a good employee? Well yes, but no one will get everything right all the time. So taking the time to ask some hard questions about exactly what you did wrong on a project will help you know what you can do better. In his article on how Millennials are better office workers, Peter Economy points this out. He says, “They'll ask questions, ask for…

Sage 100 ERP Online Hosted

Sage 100 ERP Hosted Online

Before reading this article, stop and ask yourself: what do I want my ERP to do for me? The standard answers might be give me a list of my purchase and sales orders. Print shipping labels. But what if there was an ERP that was stunningly affordable, crisp, and a one stop shop for all your ERP needs? Lists? Got them. The Sage 100 hosting platform from TEKOA Cloud is just the beginning platform for your enterprise.
Sage 100 ERP in the TEKOA Cloud for Sage 100 is a comprehensive ERP system for today's enterprise. Using state of the art technology, TEKOA provides everything a business needs to run Sage 100 ERP in the cloud. Sage 100 Online by TEKOA provides ERP functionality familiar to Sage 100 users, plus much more. TEKOA offers advanced tools for Sage 100 like Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting, B2B Portals, Mobile Device Integration and more, on top of the already robust Sage ERP functionality. TEKOA takes Sage 100 ERP MAS200and incorporates powerfu…

TEKOA EDI to ERP Data Integration

EDI ERP IntegrationWith TEKOA EDI, we make it easy for you to integrate your data into manageable forms. From the moment you receive a purchase order to the moment you fill out your ASN, (Advanced Shipping Notice), TEKOA EDI has got you.
Send, Receive or Retrieve EDI data files like 850's, 810's and 856's containing current ERP data using TEKOA's EDI Application Integration tools.

Compatible with a variety of ERP applications, TEKOA EDI is an electronic data interchange solution for Today's Enterprise.

Establish direct endpoints with Customer Partners or work with an EDI VAN and automate the data relationship for the processing of business information. Manage customers and people and set preferences for them, with little effort. For more information, visit the TEKOA homepage.

TEKOA Mobile Device Integration for WMS

Mobile Device Integration for WMS
In case you haven’t noticed, at TEKOA, we are really big about mobile solutions. And there’s a reason for that. TEKOA’s Mobile ERP solution makes it easier than ever for your Inventory Managers to do their jobs well. With the complete ERP lineup in a mobile solution, your managers can have full access to whatever they need on the ERP.

Shipping, manufacturing, or orders, it’s all there. On the TEKOA Mobile application, life gets a whole lot easier. Send and receive information on mobile devices through the Tekoa ERP Application Integration and mobilize your workflow.

Mobile WMS Software
Warehouse Management (WMS) mobile devices, Production Tracking mobile devices, Manufacturing tools, can be integrated with your ERP through automated data relationships you define. Choose from a variety of mobile devices, or run the solution on your own mobile device. For more information, visit the Tekoa Mobile Site.

TEKOA B2B Web Portal ERP Integrations

B2B Web Portal ERP IntegrationBy using a TEKOA ERP application, you open up your web portal to a new world of possibilities. The TEKOA ERP can keep all of your B2B Customer Portal information orderly, and accessible for your records. How does Amazon keep track of all of their orders? They have a good web portal application that manages the data.
With a TEKOA ERP Application, you can seamlessly connect web portals like Customer Portals, Shopping Carts, Salesperson Portals or other Web based applications to current information in your ERP. This prevents headaches for both you and your customers.

B2B Customer Web Portal Software

Keep web based portals up to date automatically with current ERP information when you setup a TEKOA Integration relationship between the web portal and your ERP. So choose TEKOA for your B2B Customer Web Portal application to bring the best of information management.

TEKOA Integrator ERP Integration Apps for Today's Enterprise

TEKOA Integration Apps
             Integration Apps are the data relationship maps that define how the data is exchanged and what ERP information goes where. Apps perform the essential functionality and data details for your electronic relationships.

ERP Integration Services
Apps come in a variety of types and complexities and can be customized to meet unique requirements, including data transformations when inbound or outbound data must be translated into alias or alternate identities.
In the TEKOA ERP, we have different apps and sections of the ERP that cater to different needs. There are sections for Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Shipping, and Mobile Solutions. If you are interested, feel free to read the full documentation I have written for TEKOA ERP.

TEKOA Integrator for Sage 100 Data Integrations

Sage 100 Integration by TEKOA
An Integration system is used to facilitate interactions between an operating system and an application across external networked computer systems. An enterprise integration server might possibly include prepackaged applications, customized applications, and legacy applications. The TEKOA Sage 100 Integration System is diverse, and allows for many data relationships. In continuation, the TEKOA Integration System is for midsize and large enterprises with multiple data relationships they want to manage, monitor and build. The advanced user interface to the cloud Integration server allows administrative users to keep track of data relationships, build new ones and modify existing integrations. Sage 100 Integration

While not required for small businesses with limited data relationships, TEKOA Integration System for Sage 100 is the key to administrating business data relationships between your ERP and the Partner endpoints you define. TEKOA Integrator for Sage 100 …

The History of Bar Code Scanning Devices

TEKOA Software: History of Bar Code Scanning
By: Zayne Hamilton
At TEKOA Software, we have several great options when it comes to mobile solutions. But where did the barcode scanner start? In this article, we will take a look at the history of barcode scanners, and how TEKOA brings you the best options for your Inventory Management needs.

The barcode scanner was born out of a need for inventory management. At the corner grocery store, managers wanted to be able to rely on more than mere estimates and feelings when counting every single item in stock. This time consuming process was done infrequently, at most once a month. For the modern businessperson, this seems absurd.
Later on, supermarket management personnel realized they were in a competitive marketplace, and that shopper's patronage relied on having the products they desired on-hand - all the time. Some owners considered using the punch-card technology that was developed in the late 19th century to complete the US Census. The…

TEKOA Mobile Product Spotlight: Model TK421

Product Spotlight: TK421 TEKOA 4in Rugged Mobile Barcode Device
By: Zayne Hamilton
This is TEKOA Mobile’s #1 barcode scanner. The best deal financially and performance wise, the TK421 is very good at what it does. At an affordable price, it is the most cost sensible option for your inventory management needs. Industrial rated rugged handheld computer with integrated barcode laser scanner. With an included hand strap, comfort is not left out  of the picture. In addition, the device can be hung from a vest or belt.

4-inch touch display. Dual Core Processor with 1GB RAM.  1D Barcode scanning laser.  Android OS 4.4.  Bluetooth 2.0.  Wi-Fi Wireless Networking.  RFID-LF 125K/134K.  ISO11784/ISO11785.  8-10 Hour battery life. 
Package includes: 1 x Device, 1 x Battery, USB Charging Cable with AC Adapter, Hand strap.
Easy to use and familiar Android handheld computer.  Buttons on left and right sides of device trigger the 1D barcode scanning laser integrated into the top of the device.  Point and …

TEKOA Mobile Product Spotlight: Model TK721

Product Spotlight: TK721 TEKOA 7in Rugged Mobile Barcode Device
By: Zayne Hamilton
The TK721 is TEKOA’s Android solution for Product and Warehouse m anagement. It’s an industrial rated, rugged handheld Android tablet with integrated barcode scanning laser. 7-inch touch display.  Quad Core processor.  1GB RAM.  Android 4.4.  Wi-Fi Network compatible.  Bluetooth 2.1. 8-10 hour battery life. For those who are familiar with Google’s way of doing tablets, you won’t be disappointed with this scanner. It runs a generic Android system, making it simple for product management and shipping procedures. When combined with Tekoa’s Mobile solution, this device is a great tool for your warehouse managers.

Package includes: 1 x Device, 1 x Battery, USB Charging Cable with AC Adapter.
Use the familiar Android OS to perform enterprise transactions and scan bar codes.  Buttons on both sides of the tablet trigger the barcode reading laser integrated into the top of the tablet. .
ARM Quad-Core …

TEKOA Mobile Product Spotlight: Model TK821

TEKOA Mobile:TK821 TEKOA Pro Rugged Mobile Barcode Tablet
           This Windows Tablet is meant for your Inventory Specialist. With an integrated barcode laser, it runs a full Windows 10 OS.  8 inch touch display.  Windows 10 32-bit OS.  Atom Processor 1.33 GHz, with 2GB RAM, allowing for stored files.  30GB Hard drive.  Micro SD expansion slot.  HDMI Port.  2 USB Ports.  Integrated 1D & 2D barcode laser scanner.  WiFi Network compatible.  Package includes: 1 x Tablet, USB Charging Cable w/ AC Adapter. Portable and Rugged Windows 10 Tablet Computer with integrated Barcode Laser Scanner. For price and more information, visit the Tekoa Mobile site


 Intel BayTrail-T Quad-Core Z3735F 1.33-1.8GHz

2GB RAM + 32GB ROMWiFi 802.11 a/b/g/nCamera: Front: 2MP Back: 8MPBattery: 3.7V 8500mAHCellular: 3GWindows 10GPS: GPS/BDSMicro HDMI 1.4aUSB OTG