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Big Data & Enterprise Information Systems

Essentials of Enterprise Information Systems and Big Data
In the business world you are sure to come across great influxes of information that can seem almost daunting to concur because there is so much to sift through and organize. Some of the most prevalent information that can become alarming is the kind that relates to customers, orders, and receiving payments, and without a structured data system it may be easy to lose track of this valuable information. There are methods to help wheel in the information you have and manipulate into an organized and easy arrangement, which are called enterprise information systems.

Enterprise information systems are not as complex as they sound but are extremely beneficial to a business and its transactions because it takes all of the “guessing” work out of organizing important information and correlating it to relevance in specific situations. The systems work by a process of “flows”, each one helping further classify information and depict its…

How To Speed Up Invoice History in Sage ERP 100 MAS

How you can purge Accounts Receivable Invoice History in Sage ERP 100 MAS90 MAS200 and still be able to access to the data.
By: TEKOA software

Do you have large volumes of A/R History Invoices in your Sage 100 files? Does the lookup cause delays for your MAS users? But you don’t want to lose the ability to be able to view and print history invoices. Here’s what we’ve done at TEKOA Software to make this a reality. The Accounts Receivable / Sales Order invoice history tables are updated nightly to an external SQL database [a non-MAS table] automatically [via a SQL script]. A Crystal Report has been designed along with parameter fields to select customer invoices to be viewed or printed from the SQL database. Older A/R invoice history can then be purged using the Account Receivable Utilities. This speeds up the lookup process for Invoice History Inquiry and allows users to print and email more recent invoices from the MAS interface. For example, the external SQL database maintains a perp…

Sage ERP 100 MAS Loftware Integration

TEKOA Software, Inc. an innovative software integration company, now provides Sage 100 (MAS90 MAS200) bar code inventory label printing integration using Loftware

Loftware is enterprise class inventory and manufacturing label generation software that produces inventory item labels for products in warehouses and manufacturing facilities. 

Using the newly release TEKOA Integrator cloud Sage 100 integration service, TEKOA now has an easy to use, efficient and simple way for Sage 100 users to print UPC and bar code labels from MAS90 or MAS200.

Why use Tekoa and Loftware?

Loftware is a robust label making application with enterprise grade capabilities and configuration options.  Perfect for making simple or complex inventory item labels and printing to a variety of UPC bar code label printers.Tekoa connects the dots by providing Sage 100 owners the ability to print Loftware custom inventory item labels using Sage 100 data. The reality of bar code and UPC label printing in MAS90 and MAS2…