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TEKOA ERP Mobile Warehouse Management System | WMS

Increase Accuracy and Inventory Controls with Mobile Inventory ManagementBy: Tekoa Software

Product inventory represents one of the largest investments for a Distribution or Manufacturing business.  TEKOA ERP Mobile Warehouse Management helps you increase the accuracy and efficiency of inventory quantities so you can increase the control of inventory procedures and better manage inventory values.

Here are some of the advanced features of TEKOA ERP Mobile Warehouse.

Mobile Inventory Item InquiryDesigned for quick access to product information, the Item Inquiry function gives mobile users the ability to scan or enter inventory Item Codes and see essential information related to the product. 

Helpful for warehouse staff, but also good for mobile salespersons when they need to know the real time availability of product in your warehouse.

Quickly and easily lookup Inventory Items to view the Quantity On Hand, Quantity Available and Standard Price.  Click through the tabs to also view Quantit…